Life List

Here’s my lifelist! Basically things I’ve thought about doing and am working on doing as I go along. It’s virtually impossible to accomplish these things in a short time – I need a lifetime! Hence, life list. [Feel free to share something you took off your list below!]

  1. Pierce nose… for the 3rd time
  2. Get Hollywood waxed
  3. Make a documentary
  4. Get a pixie cut
  5. Try champagne
  6. Travel across Canada
  7. Get weaved
  8. Launch a campaign
  9. Dance in a carnival parade
  10. Train and run a marathon
  11. Try threading
  12. Reconnect with at least one old friend
  13. Buy a guitar
  14. Climb a tall tree
  15. Take mum on a vacation
  16. Self wax
  17. Ride something larger than a horse
  18. Volunteer abroad with someone I love
  19. Swim with turtles
  20. Walk or skate across a frozen lake
  21. Record a CD
  22. Throw a huge anniversary or birthday party
  23. Perform to a large audience
  24. Try out a fitness program/ conscious diet (14 Days minimum)
  25. Publish a recipe book
  26. Bake an uber fancy cake for a special occasion
  27. Have a coffee with an astronaut
  28. Write a children’s book and have it published
  29. Tour de Greenbelt
  30. Go on endless fun road-trips: Montreal to Toronto
  31. See a kangaroo and pet a koala.
  32. That 10 pounds…lose it!
  33. Be location independent by the end of 2012
  34. Touch a giraffe’s tongue
  35. Go natural…again
  36. Visit Argentina and eat dulce de leche
  37. Make jarred jam from fruit I picked
  38. Get fully licensed to drive a car
  39. Go fishing
  40. Visit every Canadian provincial capital
  41. Ride in a hot air balloon
  42. Take 20 snapshots of 20 inspirations and aspirations
  43. Fall madly and hopelessly in love
  44. Adopt or foster a child
  45. Yell a secret to Niagara Falls
  46. Help build a house for a low income family
  47. Do something on someone’s bucket/life list with them
  48. Swim with dolphins
  49. Get a baby
  50. Take on a 30 Day challenge with a friend
  51. Be conversational in at least 7 languages: 1. English, 2. French, 3. Shona, 4. Swahili,
  52. Have my own radio or TV show
  53. Go para-sailing
  54. Re-Lock [Get my dreadlocks back]
  55. Jump into a pool with my clothes on
  56. Take a vacation by myself
  57. Get CPR re-certified
  58. Write a bunch of thank you notes: 30 Letters in 30 Days
  59. Ride an elephant
  60. Create a special connections project
  61. Learn and braid my own hair
  62. Define happiness
  63. Water/Jet Skiing with friend from the West Coast
  64. Do something memorable with my godmother
  65. Revisit Kenya
  66. Speak at a TED Event
  67. Host a creative get-together
  68. Have something named after me
  69. Visit a farm
  70. Eat an egg
  71. Throw a celebratory event
  72. Go on a adventure travel with my brothers
  73. Get a puppy
  74. Try baking at least 20 recipes from Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes book: No.1 Chocolate Chip Cupcakes, No.2 Carrot Cupcakes, No. 3 Tiramisu Cupcakes
  75. Pet a camel
  76. Commit to co-blogging with someone
  77. Go on a wine tour
  78. Start an annual event
  79. Get a few dozen people to blow bubbles at a random location
  80. Take 20 photos with 20 strangers
  81. Make my own beauty or hair product
  82. Help someone get through college
  83. Be part of a flash mob
  84. Wear a fascinator
  85. Give someone my version of the 12 days of Christmas
  86. Purchase stocks
  87. Put together 20 creative projects or things: 1. Petite Inspirations  
  88. Attend La Tomatina in Spain
  89. Cycle across a country in a bike-a-thon to raise money for a good cause
  90. Learn how to take nice photos
  91. Try acupuncture
  92. Build a greenhouse
  93. Take 20 photos that look like something
  94. Visit the Seven Natural Wonders of the world
  95. Get my vision corrected
  96. Host a tea party
  97. Squish grapes with my feet to make wine
  98. Pay for a random person’s groceries
  99. Take “A to Z” pictures
  100. Crash a wedding
  101. Take a picture in front of 20 “Welcome to ____________” signs
  102. Celebrate New Year on a different calender
  103. Pickle or make something yummy to jar and give it as a present
  104. Re-visit my birth country
  105. Work on someone’s political campaign from start to finish.
  106. Return to uni full-time
  107. Swoosh on the Capilano Suspension Bridge
  108. Get that 2nd tattoo

What you should do:

  1. Follow my journey
  2. Keep me accountable
  3. Suggest things you think I should try too! (i’ll consider anything you suggest-as long as it won’t kill me)
  4. Start and finish your own fun projects
  5. Finally…..Wish me luck!

[P.S: Remember to create your own list and share it with me! I’d love to see what’s on yours!!]


2 thoughts on “Life List

    • But it can never be complete!! I keep adding stuff when I feel like haha – creating a harder job for myself but it’s so much fun!

      Do you have a list of your own?

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